WhatsApp Beta Users Are Experiencing The Addition Of Facebook Messenger In Chat Room And Comeback Of Old Lost Camera Shortcut

Recently, WABetaInfo shared a screenshot revealing that WhatsApp is bringing an old lost feature again. Some time back they decided to roll out animated stickers to spice up the conversations. Now they are re-introducing the most favorite feature of WhatsApp users that was missing after the last update. The removal of this feature made its users perplexed.

Another lost feature is a camera shortcut, visible in the chat share sheet. The shortcut has already been introduced to WhatsApp Beta users for testing and trial. Do not get annoyed if you don’t find it in your WhatsApp and do not kill the update button in the play store. This is because WhatsApp has not completely launched the feature yet. The beta users are still testing it.

This feature will be available in WhatsApp version

Another big news is that WhatsApp will be adding Facebook Messenger shortcut to its chat share sheet. In the beginning, users took it as WhatsApp Chat Room. But later they realized that taping on the shortcut would eventually redirect them to Facebook Chat Messenger. Some users are disappointed with this new update. However, few are enjoying the experience.

This new edition of Chat Room shortcut hasn’t been made available for all the users at the moment. Only selected Beta users have access and they are testing it. Let’s see what they have to say about the feature.

The new version of WhatsApp will be a ‘bug-free’ version. Some users experienced a few bugs in the app. They were unable to see that who has received and viewed their messages in the group. When they tapped on ‘Message Info’, it appeared to be blank.

WABetaInfo stated that non-beta users can see who has received and viewed their messages in the group. Even if a blue tick disabled user has received and viewed the message in the group, his name would still appear in the ‘Message Info’ section.

WhatsApp is the commonly used platform for communicating through text, voice calls, and video calls. It has been owned by Facebook. Let’s see what future updates have hidden for us. We are sure it will be something electrifying. Updates are still in process. Beta users are using it as a trial. Let’s see they’d recommend it or not.

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