WhatsApp Is Testing A New Feature “Animated Sticker” To Give Your Conversations A Better Experience Than Before

WABetaInfo revealed that WhatsApp is now working to add animated stickers to make your conversations interesting than ever. It will be something close to GIFs in the emoji keyboard. You can repeatedly play animated stickers. However, unlike GIFs, it will stay animated even after playing. This new upcoming feature is still under development. After it is launched, it will be accessible to Android and iOS users along with WhatsApp Web too.

In the initial stages of the launch, the chat spicing up feature is visible to few WhatsApp users only. At the moment, it is allowed to save and resend it to other contacts. However, it cannot be individually downloaded and utilize sticker packs like those currently available in static stickers.

Right now, animated stickers are not being widely circulated. Instead there are only few people who know about it. But, watch out and stay attentive. It won’t take long for the animated stickers to circulate and expand widely.

In the second stage, the feature will become importable to a third party. Ultimately in its last stage, it will be available for download in WhatsApp store. Users will be able to use it freely like they use stickers other emojis present in the keyboard.

There are no predictions about animated stickers actual roll out date, but WABetaInfo ensures that it won’t take that long. WABetaInfo further added that to use this perk up feature users will need to update to the latest beta version of WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business Account.

Apart from these animated stickers, WABetaInfo informs that WhatsApp is planning to launch a modern doodle user interface and some new emojis that will help users express their feelings even better!

WhatsApp chats will become exciting than before. The new doodle user update will allow WhatsApp users to search for their desired emojis or stickers instead of scrolling through the entire list. This at times becomes annoying and time-consuming. Hence the user only has to type the emotion on the search tab and he’ll be amazed by the results.

The other emoji update will also be launched soon. Emojis are the most predominant part of the conversation. However, few users reported that they are now drilled with old emojis. Hence, WhatsApp planned to roll out a few more invigorating emojis, to make the conversations exciting.

WhatsApp is always working beyond the limits to give a satisfying experience to its users. Upcoming features will for sure give a land marking experience to its client. Till then, keep your fingers crossed.

Screenshot: Androidpolice.

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