Twitter 'revamps' its List feature

Twitter updates its list feature with a new option. The feature was detected in test mode this month and is now being made available to the users.

According to the Twitter, the ‘Discover New Tweets’ option will now also have a ‘Show More Recommendation’ tab. The feature would redirect users to new lists from the recommendations by Twitter. Alternatively, the users can search for a topic of their interest and see recommendations accordingly.

Twitter further explains that the list suggestions will be based on the people you follow, the things you tweet about, and the Lists you are currently following.

This means you won’t see every user’s list but a more refined selection – in accordance with your specific interest.

However, initially, Twitter will be offering a list that is reviewed or created by Twitter’s own curation team. But with time, it will turn towards algorithmic suggestion and of course – reduce the human intervention.

The new feature is rolling out in staged phases on iOS devices.

If you have seen the new update, do share your experiences in the comments below!

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