Twitter enables ‘Voice Tweeting’ to bring in a more engaging experience for its users

A few weeks ago, Twitter was spotted testing the feature of voice tweeting, and today, this functionality has officially rolled out for a limited set of iOS users. In a few more weeks, more numbers or all the users of iOS are expected to get this feature too. A 140-second long voice tweet has been enabled for now, and it is quite good for communication in comparison with 280 characters.

The reason behind Twitter introducing this new feature is that it wants to provide a more human experience for everyone, whether they are storytellers or listeners. Maya Patterson and Rémy Bourgoin have said in a blog post that a user can post anything in their voice tweet, be it a small incident that happened in the morning that a user wants to share with others, or it can be a journalist breaking a news through the platform. Voice Tweeting will hopefully give the users the ability to share their thoughts and express their emotions and feelings more easily, with their followers.

If anyone using an iPhone wants to check whether they have the new feature of Twitter or not, all they have to do is to look for a wavelength-icon, quite symbolic of ‘voice’ in the tweet composer. It will be seen right by the photo selection button. By tapping it, the user can start speaking and recording their voice tweet which keeps taping up to 140 seconds. Once the 140-seconds limit is reached, Twitter will stop it and start recording a new voice Tweet which will be added to the same thread of the initial tweet.

This feature is slightly different from the audio message option in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. In both these apps, once a voice message limit ends, the user has to tap into the recording icon again to continue audiotaping the message. The same is for Instagram Messenger as well.

The voice Tweet will show up in a new style with the user’s Twitter profile picture, and the followers will see it like any other tweet in the timeline feed. If they want to listen to a voice tweet, all they will need to do is to tap on it and the tweeter’s voice will start speaking to them.

For the time being, voice Tweeting is going to be available for iOS only. It is not known when it will come for Android users.

This is a very interesting feature and most of the people are very happy with it because it adds a more personal touch and a closer means of connectivity. Besides, it adds more humanity and authenticity to the message that a user wants to convey in comparison to what a text would translate.

Politicians and other public figures can Tweet away using this feature and that will add more ‘feeling,’ making their followers feel more connected to them.

However, some people have raised their concerns about this feature. Goldie Chan, the CEO and video podcaster of Warm Robotics has said that voice Tweeting can make users a target of stalkers and all other types of malicious cybercriminal activities.

Let us see how the majority of people react to it once it rolls out for a broader audience, including the Android users too.

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