Google Chrome users can now easily share and highlight a specific line of text from a website

Google is one of the best tech companies with millions of daily active users and one of its most revolutionary products is Google Chrome. We all pretty much rely on Chrome browser for everything, whether we want to scroll through the feed of Facebook or look for some trending products. The user interface of Google Chrome is so friendly and easy to use that we can’t even think about using any other browser at all.

Google is always known for its unique products and services all aimed to help its users in all the ways possible.

Sometimes, while scrolling through a website or while looking to buy some new products we see some specific content on a website that we feel like sharing with friends. The issue we always face is that we can’t share specific content instead we end up sharing the whole website and later on explaining it to friends about the content we wanted them to see.

Now thankfully, Google Chrome launches a new extension (Link to Text Fragment) all aimed to help its users share highlighted text from a website or blog easily.

With this extension, users can link the specific text fragments of a web page and later on can easily share the link with friends or colleagues whomever they want to show it.

With the help of the newly introduced Google Chrome extension, users can share an exact quote or a statement or a specific word with friends easily.

If you take a look at the past, Google doesn’t have much of a positive response from users regarding the sharing of such links as it lacks a good User Interface so previously, users preferred bookmarklets to share some quotes or content to others but not anymore.

This new process of linking a text fragment from a web page and sharing it with others is now easier than ever due to the new extension provided by Google Chrome.

To use this feature, open the web page and select the content you want to highlight then right-click on the text and then press ‘copy link to selected text’ after this all you need to do is paste the link to the friend you want to share with and it will highlight only specific content you shared. Take a look at this video for more insights:

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