Twitter Is Testing An Instagram-Inspired Feature To Sift Unwanted Messages

Twitter is one of the most used micro-blogging network, popular among celebrities, politicians and other famous personalities. Having a Twitter account makes one look professional. But users were often annoyed by the unwanted messages which contains sensitive content. This has been an issue for a long time.

As this high end, social media platform is always working to give a better experience to its users, it decided to test a new feature called Top Requests in Direct Messages. By having this feature in the app, the user will not get annoying messages requests mixed by the one they really want.

If a user receives something offensive in the message, Twitter will automatically detect it and send it to a separate section called Other Requests. The receiver will have an option to either view it or not. The preview will be hidden. If the user wishes to continue, they can tap on the profile to further continue.

It is not only about sensitive content, but this feature will sift the random/unknown people too. The user won’t get messages from people they are not following back. Instead, the message will be sent to Advanced Direct Messages. Isn’t it useful? It is, right.

The use of this feature is relatively dependent on how many direct messages you get and how famous your profile is. If you have selective people only and don’t like following unknown people, you’d probably not get much message requests. On the other hand, if your profile is well known on the platform, then you are going to receive more displeasing or annoying messages. Specifically high profile female users. This feature will help you in getting rid of this situation.

This feature is also marked similarly to the Instagram feature. Instagram also facilitates its users by filtering unwanted messages in Primary and General Inboxes. People are labeling Twitter’s new feature to be identical one to that on Instagram. This development was spotted by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong in a Tweet, along with a screenshot.

The feature is in testing phase. It hasn’t rolled out publicly. People are eagerly waiting for this feature to come out.

Apart from this, a few months back Twitter launched Hide Replies Feature in the U.S and Canada. Under this feature, the user had access to hide any offensive reply. The reply gets hidden but it is still there. The user can unleash it by tapping it on the comment.

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