Snapchat brings in a new AR lens to add or remove the beard

Snapchat has added a new feature that is note-worthy of your attention. It lets the user test out different facial hairstyles via the new Beard and Beard Removal Augmented Reality lenses.

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where, to simply explain, objects are digitally added to the live view of the camera being used. Snapchat utilizes this technology via its AR lenses which add various effects on your face, background, sound, and sometimes all.

Snapchat lenses are a very popular option for users of the mobile application. The company has now launched two new additional lenses that make it possible for the users to add or remove their beards. This is just one of the many examples of how the users can tailor the experience of the app to their liking. This also includes the company’s seemingly endless supply of other lenses being released all the time and other areas like Snap games.

The ability to customize images and videos has proven to be massively popular with social media-based services like songs on TikTok and filters on Instagram, and their users. Snapchat lenses were added to the app in 2015 as a means for users to find new ways to express themselves. Since then, Snapchat lens collection has grown a lot from many being created by the company’s in-house team and just as many being submitted by the community via its use of the company’s Lens Studio which is a free desktop app.

The Beard Lens and the Beard Removal Lens have pretty self-explanatory names. The Beard Lens allows the users to instantly add a beard to their image and see how they would look with that particular beard style. Meanwhile, the Beard Removal Lens lets the users to immediately remove their facial hair and allow them to see how they would look without a beard. The timing of these beard-themed lenses being released around the same time as Father’s Day is not a coincidence. The feature was demonstrated by Snapchat’s Director of Product, Jack Brody on Twitter.

The Snapchat lenses are fairly easy to use and many users are most probably already very accustomed to them. To use the new beard lenses or any other Snapchat lens, the users simply have to open the app and tap on the smiley face icon which resides right beside the main Snap button. Doing so will launch a tray containing all the popular Snapchat lenses, including both Beard and Beard Removal lenses. When the users have selected the desired lens, they have to tap the icon of the lens to add or remove the beard, before hitting the main circle button to capture their Snaps

The feature’s relevance is also amplified by the COVID-19 outbreak, aside from Father’s Day, which has people working from home and many toying around with their facial hair look. The new Snapchat lenses provide another way for the app users to achieve similar results without actually having to make changes to their physical facial hair. Not to forget that users can also use Snapchat to send Snaps to their friends to know what they think of their changed look, which is with or without a beard.

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