Four Years After Social Media Platforms Decided To Take A Courageous Step By Taking Down Trump's Post

After several years, Facebook and Twitter have decided to take measures against President Donald Trump’s worst instincts on their platform. It has been often reported by users that Trump is taking bad advantage of free speech facility. Finally, after 4 years of courage both social media platforms have decided to keep a check on the president’s posts on daily basis.

Trump has been noticed violating social media norms and communicating harsh words through his posts. Since 2016, Trump has made around 17000 tweets along with communicating through other platforms too. According to Washington Post examination President Donald Trump has made false commitments during his first 100 days. 99 were tweeted and the other 7 were communicated via Facebook.

In March 2018 it was published by Karsten Müller and Carlo Schwarz in the paper that President Trump has been found tweeting against Muslims and spreading hatred against Muslims.

To keep President Donald Trump's communication limited, Twitter added a fact check tag to Trump’s false tweet on 26th May. This false tweet was regarding mail-in ballots are substantially fraud which will end up in Rigid and unfair elections. Instead of deleting the tweet, it embedded each post with the link “Get the facts about mail-in ballots”.

Two days later, Trump threatened the George Floyd protesters in Minneapolis. This tweet was hidden as it was breaching the platform’s rule.

Latter this day, Facebook introduced a red triangle. Previously red triangles were used by Nazis to highlight expected communists. On Thursday Facebook checked Trump’s post with the red triangle. Trump campaign was laid down by Facebook on basis of violating policies. Facebook marked it as “Organized hate”. Facebook explained that this action was done as the message that was communicated in the post was against Facebook policies and contained hate speech.

Along with Tweeter and Facebook, Snapchat is also a part of this anti campaign against President Donald Trump. Snapchat announced that it won’t feature President’s story in discovered feed. Snapchat added 'We will not amplify voices who incite racial violence and injustice'. This US based company explained that President’s views on Black Live Matters are actually promoting brutality and violence. President Trump’s account is still public. People can still search for it and subscribe to it, but won’t be featured on discover feed.

President Trump’s violating activities were being noticed since a very long time. People often reported his posts. This was the reasons that social media platforms like Tweeter, Facebook and Snap chat took a bold and courageous step to stop hate. These unacceptable communications by Trump has already given a hint of consequences of election 2020.

Hat tip: BI.

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