Snapchat Announced To Remove Donald Trump’s Account From Discover Section

Snap Inc. stated that Snapchat will no longer promote the United States President Donald Trump’s Snapchat account in the app’s Discover section. The company, while explaining the reason, stated that Trump’s incendiary comments during the last week made his account ineligible for the Discover section which is the curated section for Snapchat users to explore fresh content.

The company stated in a statement that Snapchat will not strengthen voices that encourage racial violence as well as an injustice by providing them free promotion on the Discover section of the Snapchat app. The company also stated that injustice and racial violence should not be given any place in our society.

Snapchat announced that the company stands together with those people who seek equality, justice, love, and peace in the United States. After the company made the announcement, its shares fell by 2.4%. The United States President Donald Trump’s account on the Snapchat app consists majorly of campaign content. Trump’s Snapchat account does not have the informal rhetoric, Trump often uses on his most favored social media platform - Twitter. The company added that his account will continue to remain public and users who follow him or search for his account on Snapchat will be able to access his account.

Joe Biden, a Democratic rival who is seeking to oust Donald Trump in the upcoming Nov presidential election, stated in a video he posted to Snapchat that he was proud to run for president, and still be on the Snapchat app. Brad Parscale, Donald Trump’s campaign manager stated that Snapchat is trying to rig the upcoming election by suppressing Donald Trump’s content. Parscale also accused the company that Snapchat is promoting Biden and encouraged people to destroy the US by promoting ‘extreme left riot videos’ across its platform.

Twitter also labeled a lot of tweets posted by Trump and stated that those tweets violated Twitter’s rule on misinformation. However, the social media giant Facebook refused to take any action on similar posts, and this prompted an employee protest. However, Snap Inc. did not specify which comments the company found inciteful. Evan Spiegel, Chief Executive told staffers that the company decides what type of content will be promoted in the Discover section. Snap made this decision over the weekend.

Photo: SIPA USA/PA Images

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