New Pinterest Feature Could Help You Buy What You See

Pinterest is a pretty interesting place, and one of the hallmarks of this content discover platform is the fact that you are probably going to see a lot of visual you like. We’re talking about lamps and tables and lots of other things as well, and for the most part up until this point in time the only real way in which you could end up truly being able to find something that you saw and liked on the platform was to ask the original poster where they got it from or where you could get one of your own.

This is all changing with a new Pinterest feature that is being referred to as “See it, Snap it, Buy it,” and the way it works is that while you are going through your Pinterest feed if you come upon something or the other that you might like to buy then it would now be possible for you to snap a picture of this by opening the camera tab or you can upload a picture of your own and then scroll the Shop section so that eventually you can find out where you can get the kind of products that you are clearly so interested in.

This is another push that Pinterest is making for eCommerce, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that eCommerce is a big earner for a lot of companies and many if not most social media platforms are moving in on it. Pinterest is uniquely positioned because of the fact that this is more or less untapped territory and if the social media platform manages to get a win here then that means that it would be able to get a lot more dominance in the market than might have been possible otherwise.

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