Pinterest's New Insights On Changing eCommerce Behavior Is Good News For Online Grocery Retailers

If there is one party that has benefitted from the COVID-19 pandemic happening in the entire world then that has to be the eCommerce industry. And reflecting upon the immense success of companies that offer home delivery options, online grocery shopping has particularly stood out on Pinterest. The company has published some new interesting insights regarding the rise.

Going by the reports, before the pandemic majority of us preferred to shop for food in stores. However, as soon as the crisis began, delivery boys became the ultimate heroes who saved us from the risk of going outside for grocery shopping and because of this need, there has been a 50% increase in the online grocery shopping trend - a 40% increment from the last year.

As there is no surprise in why the result has been drastically high and in favor of online grocery shopping, this change is also indicating a broader eCommerce behavior in times to come.

The claim is further backed by eMarketer’s prediction which states that COVID-19 will lead to a lasting change in grocery eCommerce. People who may have never thought about buying groceries online, will do so and eventually fall in love with the idea for later times as well. Hence, this overall new preference can contribute towards a wider shift in eCommerce behavior.

Although there isn’t any strong evidence to back the shift in trend - even considering the fact that eCommerce activity has been on the rise for two decades now - but COVID-19 lockdowns will bring in a first major breakthrough.

Moreover, the insights also suggest that Pinterest has driven 70% of online purchases to the grocery retailers in March. This is also due to the fact how the Pinners are also regarded as more tech-friendly than general consumers and they also have more spending power.

On the other hand, grocery retailers also took it as a big opportunity to connect with recipe pins and become big online.

There is no confirmation of the trend’s success once the world gets back to normal but with the current data available we can assume that the growth in such eCommerce behavior may just be here to stay and force companies to change their business models accordingly. We have already seen Facebook introducing Shops and Pinterest also going well with their eCommerce connection options.

While this change in behavior has been there to recover the world from an economic crisis, it would be interesting to see how the shift keeps it hold and companies offer newer options to their customers.

You can have a look at Pinterest’s grocery insights here.

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