Pinterest is testing a revamped version of stories called Story Pins

‘Stories’ is a popular format of putting together ideas and thoughts across social media platforms. This format is very successful on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Even Twitter and Spotify are experimenting to bring this feature in their future updates too.

Pinterest also started experimenting with a feature called Story Pins in 2019. Story Pins were supposed to allow the users to put up stories based on their ideas. These Story Pins could contain different pages of images, videos, links, text messages, etc. This feature never reached the stable channels though. But Pinterest did not give up on the idea.

According to TechCrunch, in April 2020, Pinterest collaborated with a team of US creators to work on a newer, revamped version of Story Pins. This time, they are thinking to make it a source to share inspirational and motivational content in the form of stories to uplift the mood of Pinterest users. They realize that the world is going through a very critical phase due to this pandemic, and people are becoming psychologically, emotionally, and physically drained out due to the COVID-19. So, it will be a good idea to help them read positive and uplifting thoughts and words rather than personalized stories based on an individual’s personal life and observations.

According to Pinterest support page, "Story Pins are a work in progress and aren’t available to everyone yet.", however, interested users can fill out this form for early access.

This is especially commendable because stories format has been integrated into many apps now, and with Story Pins’ recent updated format, it will hopefully contain a special unique factor for the app. This will give the users a unique experience too.

Apart from inspirational stories, people can offer a step-by-step guide for cooking a recipe or even for creating a craft project. Like Pins, Story Pins can also offer ideas about decorating home offices, kids entertainment ideas, beauty tutorials, and a lot more. Due to the lockdown and social distancing implementations because of the coronavirus pandemic, people are generally looking up for such ideas, and Story Pins can help them in many ways. People are worried about how to keep the kids educated as well as entertained, so ideas for these issues have been widely searched over the platform already.

So, this explains the consumers' demand, and other platforms are also trying hard to increase the supply of content that is being highly demanded. Google and Facebook launched apps like Tangi and Hobbi which circulate around creating craft and DIY related content. TikTok is also busy finding new ways to help people provide ideas about craft, DIY projects, cooking, gardening, and a lot more in its own unique style.

When Pinterest started testing this feature back in 2019, it tested it in the markets of the UK and Germany. This time, Pinterest is keeping the testing within the US only for a little while.

All the content will live within the Story Pin itself instead of being linked off the platform in the current version. This change has been brought in response to the feedback from some Pinterest users who said that they did not want to leave the app to complete a project.

This version also has better creative editing and publishing features, along with tools that will allow topic tagging, colour customization, and support for media, especially videos.

Story Pins will be easily discover-able in new places like the Pinterest Today tab.

This version of Story Pins is not available for the general public yet, and creators cannot ask anyone to join the beta testers’ group unless Pinterest invites someone directly.

Let us see when this feature will roll out and how people will react to it?

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