New Feature in iOS 14 Could Solve an Age Old YouTube Problem

The desire to be able to play YouTube videos in the background while you browse through other apps is the sort of thing that a lot of people have wanted for years now. Many people use YouTube so that they can end up listening to music or their favorite speech or podcast, but having to keep the app open on your device can make that quite difficult. YouTube wants you to have your eyes on the app while you are using it, so it definitely won’t make background use available anytime soon. However, it seems like a new feature that users are going to be getting in the latest version of iOS is going to change all of this for the better in a wide variety of ways.

The fact of the matter is that iOS 14 is getting a lot of new features including widgets which a lot of people have been waiting for, but perhaps the most pertinent new feature is the picture-in-picture mode. This is a feature that a lot of Android phones already have but the fact that it is coming to Apple’s own line of phones means that people that use iPhone devices would now be able to make it so that they can play YouTube videos in the background while they are using other areas of their app all in all.

While this is certainly not going to be good for YouTube since the video streaming platform will have to recalculate its approach and take into account the many users that would start using it as a background app now, Google was a step ahead by introducing this feature in Android beforehand. Also, the fact that this is a picture in picture mode means that YouTube will probably still get eyes on its videos, except those eyes might just be a little distracted which could potentially end up being a pretty decent tradeoff all in all.

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