YouTube Introduces #CampYouTube, A Free Virtual Summer Camp For Children To Keep Children Engaged

As kids will not be able to attend the regular summer camps this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, YouTube is offering an online alternative with its #CampYouTube. The platform has also added new educational resources to help content creators to maximize their presence on Google’s YouTube.

This week, the company announced that parents, as well as kids, will be able to access over 1,200 hours of scheduled YouTube programming with the do it yourself (DIY) projects, virtual field trips, and campfire talks. The new #CampYouTUbe initiative announced today aims to re-create some of the most popular camping experiences through videos. Moreover, the #CampYouTube program is entirely free.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, educational institutes have been closed across the globe, and parents are looking for new ways to keep their kids entertained and educated this summer. People are searching for terms like ‘virtual summer camps’ on Google. YouTube published a blog post stating that people Google searches for terms such as virtual summer camps have increased during the last few weeks.

According to Malik Ducard (YouTube's VP of Content Partnerships, Learning, Social Impact, Family, Health, Film & TV), people are struggling during the pandemic and this is the reason, YouTube has announced the Camp YouTube program. This program offers tools that are required to create a virtual camp experience at your home.

The #CampYouTube program offers four different themes namely arts, sports, adventure, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Two curated playlists are available in each of these themes. One video playlist is specifically created for teens and the other video playlist focuses to provide educational resources to younger kids.

For instance, YouTube will redirect teens experiencing STEM to videos such as ‘Solar System 101’. Younger kids experiencing the same camp will be directed to videos on YouTube Kids, a video application designed specifically for kids.

The Adventure camp aims to teach kids about wildlife and nature, and the Arts camp will provide videos related to writing dance, music, and art history, etc. the sports theme of the #CampYouTube program provides content about various wellness topics and sports. You may also note that the Camp YouTube program has partnered with the WNBA, Jr. NBA, and the NBA. This indicates that the sports camp offers extra excitement for those who basketball.

Parents are relying more on digital tools to keep their children engaged during the pandemic. A lot of people may not want their kids to spend more watching YouTube videos. YouTube’s new initiative may help to offer some level of interaction and normalcy, along with the educational element.

As kids are spending more time watching YouTube videos, this has made YouTube stars more significant to the next generation. Some kids might be aspiring to become YouTubers as YouTube celebrities are becoming increasingly influential. YouTube has also launched a new set of learning tools. These tools are specifically designed to help YouTubers maximize their presence on the platform. Currently, the company has added five learning toolkits and plans to add more over time. If you need extra information about the #CampYouTube program, visit the Camp YouTube website.

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