Microsoft News and MSN Employees Laid Off as Companies Shift to AI Based Operations

The question of whether or not machines would end up replacing human beings thereby rendering them unemployed is one that has been floated for quite some time now, ever since the industrial revolution wherein mechanization began to become a great deal more common than it might have seemed otherwise. However, up until this time automation had not really resulted in major job losses because of the fact that machines needed to be maintained and monitored and so people just changed their jobs rather than becoming unemployed.

This might change in the modern era, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that the automation that is currently occurring is quite different in a lot of ways particularly when you take into consideration how independently they are able to operate at any given point in time. This difference between modern automation and any other kind of automation is that nowadays automation with AI is resulting in a lot of job losses, and it turns out that even a major tech company is going to be actively participating in these job losses.

As first reported by BI, Microsoft News and MSN have both laid off dozens of employees and are replacing these employees with AI that would be able to do the job a lot more efficiently and would end up costing a lot less money in the process as well. While this is something that makes sense for a lot of people, it’s fair to say that this would make quite a few people nervous because of the fact that they would be wondering whether or not they would be able to get the job done in any way, shape or form before an AI would end up replacing them and leaving them with no job and no prospects.

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