A New Website by Google will Educate People about Preventing Online Scams

Hackers have been a little more active during the coronavirus pandemic than the usual, considering which Google has launched a new website to help people identify and prevent online scams.

Scamspotter is a website that would let people know how to spot bogus stimulus checks, false vaccine offers, or other fake information. The common patterns used by scammers are also identified on the website like romance scammers ask to buy them a gift card or send money.

The new website is a collaboration between Google and Cybercrime Support Network, a nonprofit a company that helps the victims of online fraud. Quizzes related to common scam scenario are also available on the web to further help people identify scams, like receiving a message about a trip to Switzerland even if a user has not taken part in any contest.

According to Google, the scammers have taken advantage of the pandemic at an alarming rate. Federal Trade Commission revealed that during the coronavirus pandemic, Americans have lost around $40 million to various online coronavirus scams.

It further predicted that in 2020, above $2 billion will be looted through coronavirus scams or other online scams.

FTC also informed people in the beginning of May about the contact tracing scam through text message, a method used to track the spread of virus. Scammers ask personal information including security number, bank account or at times credit card number.

On the other side, Google and Apple have their own tools for contact tracing which are supported through apps built by public health agencies.

The purpose of the website is to educate and aware the elders who are more prone to scams and lose more money as compared to younger citizens, says Google. It also asks the young people to spread the information available on the website so the senior people around them can be benefitted.

Vint Cerf, Google vice president said it is essential for all of us to learn to identify the scams for which effort from all generations is required.

He further added that the internet should be a secure place for seniors as it has been invented by seniors.

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