Microsoft Teams is on the way to get even better video calling experience soon

Microsoft has confirmed that it will soon be bringing in a 7x7 video calling experience for its users. It means that a gallery view for 49 persons will soon be enabled in Microsoft Teams, which is very close to what its rival app Zoom offers.

Microsoft has been trying very hard to catch up with Zoom’s technology which allows the hosting of 50 persons in a single screen during a call, at one time.
"To the 7x7 question, adding more video to Teams meetings is something we said we would also be working on and deliver later this year.", explained Ilya Bukshteyn a Microsoft employee in a Tech Community post, who also retweeted a post of CRN claiming that Microsoft Teams is working on to expanding the visible participants to 49.
Two weeks ago, the CVP of Microsoft Teams, Mr. Rish Tandon had announced a 3x3 video calling experience with a new hand feature.

The ‘raise hand feature’ is an innovative way to send a visual signal to anyone in the meeting if a user needs to say something or share an input.

To provide optimal work experience, users will be able to pop out meetings in Teams too, which will allow the users to multitask more efficiently. Also, calling into separate windows will make the workflow more productive and steadier.

3x3 video calling experience was the first step in the roadmap, but now Microsoft Teams will be increasing the number of people viewable during a video call, and that is going to be a really nice step.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, lockdown and social distancing measures had to be implemented all around the world. So, people had to resort to remote working, and for that, different collaborative tools like Zoom, Slack, G Suite, and some other apps came in handy. Facebook also announced to launch Messenger Rooms soon, which will host up to 50 members in a video conference call.

Microsoft Teams also has played a vital role in the lives of users who were looking for collaborations to carry on their work from home efficiently. But their 3x3 gallery view on a screen during a video call was a little limiting and inconvenient for larger meetings for bigger organizations. They still saw massive growth during these months of lockdown, with around 75 million daily active users, but their customer retention was still questionable, especially because of their competitor apps.

Therefore, Microsoft Teams needed to increase the number of viewable persons in a single screen during their calls.

Let us wait and see how all of this plays out. Microsoft has not announced yet about the arrival date of this new 7x7 video experience though.

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