LinkedIn: AI Hiring Has Been Very Low In The COVID-19 Period, But The Future Still Looks Great

LinkedIn’s Economic Graph Research Insights team is proposing a decline in AI jobs growth as a result of the pandemic. They have a report to prove their claim which looks at how the health crisis has had a huge impact on the sector.

The analysis by LinkedIn covers a period post-COVID-19 from March 16 to May 24 and a pre-COVID-19 period from January 6 to March 15. The results show that not only the demand for AI employees has gone down drastically but also new applicants are also showing very little interest to apply in the sector. Diving deep into the statistics, we also see listings for AI roles is down to 4.6% year-over-year as compared to 14% before the outbreak. Furthermore, applications that were previously up at 50.8% year-over-year also went down to 30.2% after COVID-19’s occurrence.

However, with all the darkness, there has also been one bright side of the story as LinkedIn found out that AI jobs posted directly on the platform rose 8.3% in the 10 weeks of COVID-19 but it is the 14.1% decline in the AI jobs applications that has put forward the idea that maybe potential employees are now preferring to play safe.

LinkedIn’s analysis is also going well in line with IDC’s survey (which can serve to be a ray of hope) as together their prediction also states that the number of AI jobs could go up by 16% while making a figure of 969,000 in total jobs available later this year. IDC is also expecting an AI spending of $50.7 billion in 2020 which is approximately 32% up from last year.

These predictions are because of how the industry trends are bound to revolve more around AI despite heavy layoffs. YouTube has already begun depending on AI for when human reviews are not possible of the videos. Facebook and Twitter are also using AI to keep a track of offensive material on their sites. More and more tech companies like DataRobot, Textio, Yonder, Kodiak Robotics, Zoox, Cruise, and other AI and machine learning startups have their future tied up to helping industries with smart solutions.

Hence the whole scenario makes sense when the claims are to be made that for now the AI job growth may be low or keep declining for the remaining pandemic period, but the future is definitely bright!

Photo Credit: NurPhoto via Getty Images

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