Google’s New System Called Block Store Will Make It Easier To Log Back In With Your Apps While Switching To A New Mobile

Recently, Google and Android Developers posted a new video as part of its ongoing Android 11 beta release festivities. The company published the video for developers explaining the details of how Google intends to change how users login to applications and services. This may sound boring to you, but the changes explained in the video are significant.

The company is soon rolling out a new security system that will make signing back into your apps on a new smartphone easier and quicker. The new system is called Block Store, and if developers use this entirely new system, logging back in your applications on a new smartphone will be as simple as you are restoring from a backup in the setup process.

The video published by Google also covers a new ‘One Tap’ cross-platform log-in system. This new system will make it convenient and quicker for users to sign into their services if they are not sure how they registered an account. One of the most frustrating issues with Android smartphones is setting up a new phone. The company hopes that Block Store will help to fix this issue.

When users switch to new Android smartphones or purchase a new Android TV, logging into their services and apps is kind of frustrating for them. You might be thinking that people can also use password manager apps. However, not everyone trusts those types of apps. Moreover, if a person is using distinct login credentials for each app and service, it may take a while to set up the new phone. The backup and restore service of Android smartphones do not include account login credentials. Only Netflix supports the Smart Lock feature for convenient account-wide login.

In short, we can say that setting up a new Android smartphone is frustrating. However, the new Block Store system is designed to fix all these issues - only if developers start to use this system. Applications that build in support for Google’s new Block Store Application Programming Interface (API) will use a system based on tokens to store login credentials on smartphones. You can back up these tokens with end-to-end encryption as part of your Google account.

We can say that applications and services that support the new Block Store API will allow users to log in once. They will also store the credentials in a secure way that all your devices will be able to pull down while restoring from a backup. You will not even have to tap ‘yes’ to a log-in prompt during this process. Developers can add anything they require to inside the token, to make it operate with any service or application.

Block Store system can work very much like Keychain Services offered by Apple. This new system may be one of the most impactful changes Google has made to Android as a platform. This system will make it easier and quicker to switch between phones, but it depends on developers to actually start using this system. If developers adopt this system, Android’s back and restore system may be able to compete with Apple’s system.

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Featured Photo: Michele Tantussi/Getty Images
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