Latest Studies Reveal The opportunities For Influencers During The Coronavirus Pandemic

It may be easy for us to assume that the global COVID-19 pandemic would make influencers seem a lot less concerning for us. However, the fact that a lot of individuals had plenty of time has proved to be a good thing in various ways. The latest study from Matter Communications indicates that around 63% of customers have actually spent time posting and viewing the stuff on social media platforms during the last two months. This has resulted in consumers to view more content from social media influencers.

The increase in engagement has also helped to increase the level of trust among these influencers from a brand itself, and along with suggestions from family members and friends. The research from Matter Communications also discovered that social media influencers have not been tone-deaf to ongoing coronavirus situations. The study found that only 19% of consumers think that the content from influencers has become unhelpful during the coronavirus pandemic.

The most surprising thing is that influencers were able to drive conversations related to brands even during the global coronavirus pandemic, and continued to drive sales from their respective social platforms. According to the study, influence has even affected the ‘buying journey’ of around 82% of the customers, particularly those who have an interest in personal technology, health & wellness, and food & beverage.

Mandy Mladenoff, President Matter Communications stated that brands of almost all sizes are dealing with how to boost or shift their public relations, marketing as well as social media strategies to readjust currently. One of the biggest challenges for brands is how to legitimately connect with their customers during the pandemic. Mladenoff also stated that the data shared by Matter Communications makes it clear that influencer marketing offers an exclusive and timely opportunity for brands to engage with a helpful approach. also conducted a study and found that 60% of consumers think that physical appearance is one of the most significant factors which can contribute to the success of any influencer. However, only 51% of influencers think the same way. According to the CEO of, Neil Robertson, many people believe that social media influence is a viable career and 61% of social media influencers believe that social media influencing is a long-term career option for people. Robertson stated that social media influencers are positive about the future of social media influencing and they will continue to be successful as long as these influencers are willing to adjust according to the ongoing situation.

It is evident that the world is not going back to an entirely normal situation anytime in the near future and everything has become dramatically different for us. Influencers need to adapt and according to CEO and creative director at VALERIA INC, Valeria Lipovetsky, the coronavirus has put a spotlight on the value of influencer, content creators, and it has proved him that why influencers do, matters.

The effects of the coronavirus inspired Lipovetsky to think of ways how she can help people and bring some positivity for individuals through what she does. She explained that people want to feel connected and surrounded by expenders during these difficult times. Lipovetsky started educating people about various topics like mental health, women’s health, and fitness. She also warned that influencers should remain transparent and real, and discussed a couple of reasons which could result in disconnection with the audience.

People are bombarded with a massive amount of information daily and it may make them indifferent to it.

It is easy for content creators to get stuck on autopilot with content, and other creators are currently active on various social platforms.

Lipovetsky says that the pandemic gave her the opportunity to reevaluate and reconnect with her community. The pandemic gave her a chance to provide a lot of value to her audience and she may get their long-term engagement. To primary goal for any influencer is to keep a tight relationship with the people.

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