Instagram influencers decrease Ad tag use

As predicted, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is showing its impact on influencer marketing as well. The latest figures show that the number of brands working with influencers dropped to a 16-month low in April.

Influencer marketing has been seeing a slight downfall for a few months. Last year, the engagement rates with influencer accounts closed in on their all-time-lows. However, posts with #ad hashtag did see a surge, reaching more than 3 million by the end of 2019, while the total money spent on Instagram inferencer marketing reached to $5.24 billion in the last year alone.

Instagram creators decrease Ad tag use

Unfortunately, as the lockdowns began to take effect, influencer posts about public events and travel took a nosedive – and by the mid of May, the influencer mentions fell for most categories. According to SocialBaker, this includes minus 36% for parties, sunglasses (-27%), music festivals (-24%), performing arts (-24%), vacations (-23%), wine (-19%), live events (-19%), hotels (-18%), seafood (-18%) and nightclubs (-18%).

It is anticipated that some categories might jump back up with the beginning of the summer season, as lockdowns slowly ease down.

When it comes to social media topics, insurance saw the biggest surge in influencer mentions in Q1 of this year. Other categories that also went up include mobile phones (4.5%), recipes (4.5%), TVs (3.3%), and politics (1.5%).

The efficiency rate of influencer marketing on Instagram also fell 41% in April – when compared to the same quarter of 2019. However, some industries did do better than others. For example, influencer posts about healthcare were 4.2 times more efficient than brand posts. Other categories that went up, in terms of efficiency include finance, telecommunications, and accommodations.

On the other hand, industries such as airlines, sporting goods, and automotive saw a decrease in their engagement.

iDeal Of Sweden and Walmart were the two most frequently mentioned brands by the influencers, indicating how these retailer have revamped their marketing strategy for a few years to welcome influencer’s activity as well.

Other brands that were listed as the most-mentioned by Socialbaker include Netflix U.S., Daniel Wellington, Quest Nutrition, and women's clothing retailer

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