Google Will Soon Make Phone Prompts Notifications The Default Two-Factor Verification Method

A lot of people think that 2FA (two-factor authentication) is more secure if mobile phone numbers are not used in the process. During 2019, Twitter admitted that the social media platform used mobile numbers to target advertisements even for those users who declined that. Moreover, if mobile numbers are used in two-factor authentication, it can help hackers to execute SIM hijacking attacks.

Now, the tech giant company, Google is putting this wisdom into practice. Google's G Suite team announced that it will make smartphone verification prompts the default for two-factor sign-ins. Starting from July 7, 2020, Google will default to phone notifications for two-step logins for all eligible users unless a user is not using security keys.

Recently, the company made it convenient for users to use security keys as well as Google’s Advanced Protection Program. It is easier for users to use security keys to protect Google Accounts on iPhones. Google rolled out new changes at the start of this month, and everyone with an iOS device (iOS v13.3 or above) can now use Titan Security Keys offered by Google. Users can use these Titan Security Keys to secure their work as well as personal Google accounts.

With this new change, if you are signed in to your Google account on your smartphone, you will receive a notification from Google if you are signing into your account on a different device. The notification will ask you to prove that it is really you logging in on a different device. The new change will the two-factor authentication feature more secure and easier for users.

If you still want to use other methods such as SMS codes, you can still use those methods if they are available. The company has announced that users will still have the option of different methods available to them. However, users will have to choose those different methods.

The company has started to roll out the change to users, and it may take up to 15 days for the new change to reach your device if you are a person who is using an institutional or corporate Google account. The new change will ultimately enhance the security of Google account across the board. The 2FA (two-factor authentication) system that relies on phone calls or text messages are vulnerable to SIM hijacking campaigns. These SIM hijacking campaigns can lock users out of their accounts. The SIM hijacking technique usually involves making phony SIM swap requests. Then, the attackers use the gained control to obtain login credentials that require 2FA (two-factor authentication). The change will limit the need for those older methods such as SMS codes or phone calls in several situations. We can say that this new change will ultimately improve Google account security for users.

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