Google Released Redesigned Photos App With A New Icon and Image Map Search Feature

Google Photos has been a major solution for image storage for five years, and now the company is rolling out a major redesign for the app. On Thursday, Google officially announced the rollout of the redesigned Photos app for both iOS and Android users. The redesigned app comes with a new logo, simplified UI, and an image map search feature.

The new updates will not drastically change your experience using the Photos app, however, the new changes will make it more convenient to use Google Photos, as the company has made the app much simpler. Now, images and videos will appear bigger on the page, and the search option has become more prominent.

The Memories bar has also been changed and it is more prominent now. A map view has also been added to the Memories bar as the app will put extra emphasis on displaying you your old pictures and videos. With the new updates, users can also hide particular time periods of individuals from their Memories.

Lastly, a new map view for the Photos app has been rolled out. The new feature allows users to view the images they have captured on a map so they can quickly find that particular video slot they shot at the Grand Canyon without having to remember the exact date when they took it.

The company announced that the new design and new features will be rolled out to users over the upcoming few weeks. You will know that you are eligible to use the refreshed Photos app when the revised logo appears on your device. The company has also slightly refreshed the Photos logo. In the new icon, squared-off edges are removed as are the shadowed areas. Now, Google has introduced a new rounded shape for each section in the logo. However, the colors are still the same.

Previously, the logo looked similar to the logo of the Slack messaging app. Now, the logo is not that much similar to Slack’s logo. Justin Duino first highlighted on Twitter that the company is introducing a new logo for the Photos app.

With the new updates, there are now three tabs available in the app instead of four tabs. The main Photos section displays larger and more densely-packed thumbnails while the Search tab allows users to quickly find images based on what or where they were capturing photos. Finally, the Library tab includes the Albums section, favorites, archive, and the trash.

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