Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook will soon start labeling problematic content that violates its policies

Most social media platforms take measures when users violate their policies. For this reason, Facebook decided to highlight and label any post that is made by any authority, officials or politicians that might take its policies lightly.

Before this, Facebook and Twitter decided to label President’s Donald Trump posts with a red triangle. Trump’s posts were mostly a part of harsh speech. However, Mark Zuckerberg stated that he will not remove the posts; instead, he will flag the post. This is because the posts are noteworthy and important for the public to read it. The platform will be playing its part by adding a message or a label to the post. The label will highlight that a post is not fully inline with the platform's guidelines.

We still don’t know on what grounds will Facebook consider the violating content and how strictly would they observe the post. Moreover, it hasn’t be stated yet that what these labels would look like and when the social network will start implementing the decision.

Major marketers have pulled their hands and decided to not advertise their campaigns through Facebook. Brands boycotting Facebook states that the social media giant is generating revenue through hateful and humiliating content. The well-known brands have decided to step back and not to involve themselves in Facebook marketing. According to the brands and sponsors, Facebook is supporting racism, hostility, and vicious content, although this shouldn’t be the case.

More than 90 brands are participating in the Facebook ad boycott campaign. Huge brands like Unilever, Coca-cola, Lipton, Dove, Honda, Verizon, Patagonia, Ben and Jerrys, REI are a part of the boycott campaign.

Facebook seems to be unconcerned by the boycott campaign. Although the Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg didn’t pointed out any brands but he stated that Facebook will not change policies for the sake of revenue or earnings.

However, Mark Zuckerberg addressed that new policies will condemn hateful and harsh language and content in paid ads. Any ad that might be targeting immigrants and refugees will be banned. However, any attempt by politicians to spread false information will be flagged instead of deleting. The post will be labeled with “authoritative information”.

Let’s see if Mark Zuckerbag would stay unaffected with the situation or will he give a second thought to his decision.

Photo: Christoph Dernbach/picture alliance via Getty Images

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