Google Pay is revamping and becoming more shopping-focused especially for the US citizens

According to a report by The Information, Google is bringing in a major change in its payment app, Google Pay. It is going to become more shopping-focused, especially in the US. Google’s goal is to make a one-stop portal for commerce where people who go for shopping can directly buy from participating online and physical retailers inside the newly designed Google Pay app.

This revamped version of Google Pay will feature branded buttons from prominent merchants. However, it is not known yet how many partners have shown interest to work with Google for this purpose.

Google has already brought much of the functionality of this new Google Pay to the app Tez live in India. It includes in-app cab ride-hailing and food ordering services. It is proving to be quite convenient because it is a centralized app that works around the ‘all-encompassing, one-app-for-everything’ concept. Its easy adaptation and functionality will make it extremely popular in the world, especially Asia.

On the other hand, Google is  probably also working on accounts and debit cards to offer a modern and innovative user experience.

It is a known fact that most tech companies are trying to offer more financial services to gain more revenue and data. That is the reason why Google is trying to boost the adoption of Google Pay in the US.

But the US and Asia are not the only regions where Google is bringing in this revamped version. As per reports, Google plans to bring Google Pay’s international model to other regions of the world and will tailor the model according to respective markets.

As per a Google's CEO, Google Pay has seen a lot of traction within the past 2 years. Their successful launch in India has paved many ways for them, taught them some more features that they can bring in their payment product, and gave them better ideas for the revamped version. This redesigned Google Pay version is supposed to roll out in the coming months. Google is quite hopeful to receive an extraordinarily amazing response from the users.

Due to the changes in habits that the coronavirus pandemic has brought, more people are divulging in online grocery shopping and food/grocery delivery services. Google has chosen an excellent time to bring this change in its Google Pay, and there are chances that Google Pay will have a crossover with Google Shopping.

So far, there are high hopes from the revamped Google Pay version. Let us see how it all turns out when the revamped app rolls out eventually.

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