Facebook accused of harboring "Anger" by former Apple Inc. employee!

Facebook’s leadership has been criticized by many industry experts and it looks like the former advisor to late Steve Jobs (Apple CEO), Joanna Hoffman is the latest individual to do the same. While speaking at the 2020 CogX conference this past Tuesday, Hoffman took some shots at the social media giant for not holding itself accountable for negatively impacting the society on more than one occasion.

She said that it’s hard to figure out if the concerned leaders are really that ignorant or motivated by something darker. Hoffman clarified that she had immense respect for the milestones Facebook had achieved. However, her opinion is that the leading social networking service is playing a considerable part in harming democracy, human relationships, and promoting anger.

Hoffman compared anger with addiction and accused Facebook of attracting people to its platform and triggering them, so it could have maximum engagement.

Facebook isn’t a stranger to controversies. Lately, it has been garnering the wrath of many users due to not taking down a controversial post made by President Donald Trump in regards to the ongoing protests and lootings.

After receiving criticism over the same issue from scientists backed by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan published a press release to express their disappointment and disgust with the President’s “divisive and incendiary rhetoric”.

Hoffman then brought up how leaders have an essential role to play in such cases. She said that in the absence of a leader tasked with bringing everything together, nothing productive surfaces in the end. She added that leaders themselves are humans and we should accept that they are bound to be flawed. The question we should be asking is how ignorant and flawed they can be.

Hoffman then discussed how many leaders these days are geniuses in what they have accomplished. However, she still found them ignorant in regards to what they are causing in the world.

It is said that Joanna Hoffman is one of the very few people who could stand up to Steve Jobs during her time in Apple. If Kate Winslet’s portrayal of her in Steve Jobs’ 2015 biopic is any indication, Hoffman is one lady who will not refrain from speaking her mind when it’s required.

After parting ways with Apple, she joined General Magic, where she served as the vice president of marketing. These days, Hoffman is employed by Sherpa, a Spanish AI agency.

Facebook has yet to issue any comments on Hoffman’s criticism of its leadership.

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