A new update can help Google Assistant devices to recognize its speakers

Nowadays, the generation is moving more towards technology as compared to the past. Now people prefer doing the majority of the tasks with the help of technology instead of doing it themselves and so many tech companies are seizing this opportunity by providing unique products to its users.

Google is one of the largest tech giants and it is known for its unique products. Google always amazes its users by providing new and innovative products.

The launch of Google Assistant in the digital devices was a revolutionary step by Google and now there’s talk around about a new update in the Google Assistant devices.

A month ago, Google was in the talks about piloting some programs with Voice Match features to help secure the sale and purchase of devices with Assistant-enabled smart speakers and displays.

And now, according to the latest development, Google Assistant devices will be having a unique update which will be the most helpful feature of Google Devices.

According to Praveen Chandran Product Manager, Google Assistant devices will now be recognizing the people talking to them as well.

Yes, you got it right.

This handy feature will soon be rolled out in all the Google Assistant devices and according to Chandran, Google is expected to be adding a voice match feature in the Google Assistant devices and along with that default, speaker selections will also be provided to the users of devices with Google Assistants.

These new updates in the Google Assistant devices are all aimed to help provide an open ecosystem for all its users which can help bring all the Google Assistant features to people around the globe.

The newly added feature of Voice match is meant to enable the Assistant to recognize the person from the household speaking to it. This feature is aimed to provide the users with more personalized responses according to the speakers.

The default speaker selection option provides the users of the Assistant devices with the ability to choose options in several devices according to their preferences.

Another additional feature announced by Google is the expansion of sensitivity settings to help devices more sensitive to the activation with the phrase ‘Hey Google’.

All these features are expected to be launched in all the Assistant-enabled devices and all within this week too.

Google always comes up with some new and unique to help its users and these new features are surely expected to take the tech industry to another high level.

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