A picture turned devastating for many Android devices, especially affecting Samsung and Google’s Pixel

A picture on social media featuring a lake, a cloudy sunset, and greenery along the shoreline has been making rounds, but not because of its beautiful scenic imagery, it is becoming famous for all the wrong reasons.

It has been reported by Ice universe, that when this picture is being applied as a wallpaper, it is causing an error. It is a bug that crashes the handsets immediately, and when the phone tries to reboot, the screen would keep turning on and off continuously, making it difficult, almost impossible to perform any task. In some cases, restarting the phone in the Safe Mode also did not help.

While it is affecting different brands, Samsung and Google’s Pixel are especially getting more seriously affected by this bug.

Considering this, Samsung is going to roll out a maintenance update on the 11th of June 2020.

We don't not recommend trying it out, and it has tried to contact Google for more updates too.

A tweet by ‘Ice Universe’ issued clear warnings for people to never set a picture as wallpaper, especially for Samsung mobile phone users, because it crashes the device and even if someone sends this picture, one must ignore it at all costs! This tweet had thousands of re-tweets and likes, and many people reported that their phones had been affected too.

The tech journalist Bogdan Petrovan at Android Authority has noticed that the bug did not affect his Huawei 20 Pro, but his Google Pixel 2 did face the malfunction. Apparently, it is affecting some devices running on the latest version of Android, which is Android 10.

Android 11’s launch was expected this week, but now it has postponed too.

Ken Munro and Dave Lodge, from Pen Test Partner, a security firm, have provided insights about why this picture is most likely causing the phones to crash.

According to their theory, digital photographs have improved in quality, but there is an issue with the color space which needs to be checked by the phones to display the right colors in images properly. For example, it will make the phone know how to display the exact right shade of any particular color in a picture perfectly.

Some color spaces have specialist uses in graphic design, so sometimes images are not displayed in the standard RGB format. Also, it is quite possible to deliberately create images that have excessive color information that becomes difficult for some phones to handle.

And this is probably what happened in the case of this picture that caused some phones to crash. The phones did not know how to deal with the picture correctly because of issues with its color spaces and it also happened because the software developers had not considered that this could happen.

This is a plausible explanation and it makes sense too. Let us see what other theories come concerning this issue.

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