Bypass YouTube ads with this trick! Try it before it expires!

A web developer by the name of ‘unicorn4sale’ recently shared an interesting trick to remove ads from sites like YouTube and some other news publications.

Yes, most of us usually find ads between videos annoying as well as disturbing. However, before attempting the trick shared by ‘unicorn4sale,’ it is important to remember that the ads help fund the creators to make more content for use – and thus, it is advised to use the trick mentioned below in a responsible manner.

The web developer took on Reddit to reveal his findings. He explained that the dots in a URL are simply used to separate the domain name – for example, separating YouTube and .com with a dot. However, if users add an extra dot to the end of the YouTube video URL – they will find ads to be disabled. E.g: "".

He further said that the same trick could be used to bypass the paywall/login block on internet. For example, websites like the New York Times (which usually encourage users to read its stories after buying a subscription) could be accessed by simply adding a dot to the end of the URL.

Normal URL, normal ads:

Altered URL for no ads (with addition of a dot):

Interestingly, the ad removing trick works perfectly on the main YouTube website. However, some sites and pages break altogether if you attempt this method. While some sites won't even load of will simply redirect users to their original links.

Give this method a try. We are sure Google will find a way to work around the ‘trick’ within a few days. But until then, enjoy the ad-free experience and let us know how it works for you!

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