YouTube Introduces A New Bedtime Reminder Tool To Help Users Set Specific Time To Log Off

Google’s YouTube on Wednesday announced to release a new feature that will help you to log off late at night. The new feature is called bedtime reminders and this tool will remind you to log off late at night. It will help the most committed of extremely online types stop watching videos late at night. The new bedtime reminder tool joins YouTube’s existing ‘Take a Break’ reminders feature. Both the features fall among a broader set of YouTube wellness and screen time features. YouTube rolled the wellness and screen time features back in the year 2018 and these tools were released as a part of Google’s Digital Wellbeing initiative.

The ultimate goal of this new bedtime reminder feature is to help people use Google services in a more responsible way. This issue has only intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic people are spending much of their time online. Most of the individuals are bored during the coronavirus lockdowns and they tend to spend their staring at their screen while being at home. It seems that the company wants us to use Google products more responsibly. YouTube states that the company has sent around three billion ‘take a break’ reminders to its users during the past two years. This shows that people are spending more and more of their time watching videos on YouTube, and staring at screens for such a long span may have negative impacts on mental as well as physical health of the people.

Now, as YouTube has released the bedtime reminder feature, the app will be able to remind you to stop watching videos in the late night. YouTube states that users will be able to set particular times to stop watching videos with the help of this new bedtime reminders feature, and (you guessed it!) go to sleep. The company published a blog post stating that the users will be able to set start and end times with this new tool. You can set the timings and in the Settings tab. You also choose whether you want the prompt to interrupt you while you are watching a video or not. You can choose the prompt to wait and appear once you have watched the video. Users will also be able to snooze or dismiss the bedtime reminder if they wish to.

The new bedtime feature will be helpful for users to manage their time and sleeping patterns. Given that a lot of people are spending most of their time staring at their screens, this feature will help them to manage their routines, and it will surely become a popular feature among the users. YouTube states that the new bedtime reminders feature will be made available on YouTube’s Android and iOS apps. The company is rolling out the feature starting today. However, it may take a few days for the feature to be rolled out to everyone.

Screenshots: Xda-developers.

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