You Can Now Create Facebook Posts Within The Creator Studio App

If you are a content creator, Facebook’s Creator Studio app is releasing a new experience for you if you want to manage your content on the go. Creator Studio app allows content creators to check content insights as well as respond to their audience’s comments and messages. The new upgrade will allow the content creators to publish and schedule their posts within the app.

The latest update also provides creators the control to post as one of their Facebook Pages. The new update will save the creators from accidentally posting from their personal Facebook profiles. The new update will also make it easier for you to manage your Facebook Pages as you can now manage your content, check content insights, and communicate with your fans within the same app.

The new update comes with extra tools for video posts. The company added the new ‘Video metadata fields’ that will help you to include a title and description to your video content to offer your audience extra information related to the content you are posting on your Facebook Pages. A ‘Thumbnail Section’ is also added which offers content creators the ability to upload a thumbnail from their smartphone’s library. Content creators can also choose to use Facebook’s thumbnail selector to use one thumbnail from the video they have uploaded.

The latest update joins an existing set of tools such as Rich Insights, Post-Uploading edits and fixes, Connect with audiences, Multi-account support, and Notifications. Rich Insights displays your content performance metrics like average minutes viewed by viewers, etc. With the help of Post-Uploading edits and fixes feature, creators can edit the title of their videos as well as descriptions. The options to delete and reschedule a Facebook post is also present within the Post-Uploading edits and fixes feature. The same feature also offers the option to publish and draft a post.

The Connect with audiences feature helps you to respond to comments and messages in the app, while the Multi-account support tool allows you to manage more than one Facebook Page within the same app and session. You can try the brand new experience by downloading the app for iOS or Android devices.

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