Facebook is working on new “Engagement Alerts” for Groups for better interaction and responsiveness

Matt Navarra, a social media industry commentator and consultant, has recently tweeted that Facebook is testing a new feature with Groups. It is setting “Engagement Alerts” for these Groups, which will notify the admins when a particular post receives most likes and comments.

This feature looks to be quite useful at the moment. It will not only alert the admins and moderators to take quick action, but it will also make the interaction and communication between the admin and the group members smooth.

Those who moderate Groups on Facebook know that at times it is very difficult to keep a track of constant influx of posts from the members. Sometimes, admins get busy and they do not follow posts that require their assistance or their input. This really turns off most members and they start leaving the group, bringing it down or worse, start bombarding the inbox of the admin with messages for personal attention.

Sometimes, angry members start tagging the admin or moderators in their posts, which becomes a lot of hassle for them and in all honesty, pretty annoying.

All these incidents can be avoided now by setting “Engagement Alerts” on a particular post. All engagement with that post will come in the admins’ prompt notice. So, there will be less hassle and more efficacy on their part.

This is not the only new feature that is in the process of getting introduced in Groups. Recently, Facebook announced to introduce Messenger Rooms in these Groups also. These Rooms will allow the admins and members to host video calls with up to 50 people at one time.

Various settings and control features are going to be added for Group Rooms, so that virtual meetings of large groups, virtual hangouts with family and friends and interaction with people is made possible during these trying times of coronavirus pandemic when social distancing and shelter-at-home enforcements are implied all over the world.

With another feature of Engagement Alerts for these groups on the rollout, it is quite evident that Facebook is trying hard to provide a great user experience for the members who are a part of various Groups and provide a breath of fresh air for their admins.

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