You can be the next on getting more social media engagement - Here's how

Winning at social media is not as difficult as people often think it is. A lot of people including businesses try to make their social media as lively as they can, but there is something that is always missing from their content.

Facebook is the first name that comes to mind when we talk about social media. If you do not know it already, then Facebook has lost about 15 million US users since 2017, which is a huge number; however, the company still stays on top of all the social media platforms.

Recently Facebook reported that more than 1.7 billion internet users used a Facebook account on a daily basis, which shows that social media giant is the way behind being a failure.

We all post something on our social media feeds each day. Have you noticed which posts get the most engagement, likes, shares? If yes, then you are already understanding the pattern. Viral content is not just a another piece of content – it has the features that make it prominent.

In a recent research, approx. 1200 posts by 266 Facebook users were studied to see which posts are getting more attention on the internet or in other words, which posts are more successful than the others and WHY!

Here’s the Basic Key Tip for You

The study found out the differences between the posts by setting a bar to define what’s post engagement and what’s not. In easy language, comments were taken as engagement as they require a proper understanding of the post and takes time. On the flip side, likes were only considered a form of acknowledgment.

There were posts that performed better than the other posts under observation, for instance, having more than five comments on them.

Those posts that had a narrative was more famous among other posts, along with the ones that required some action, for instance, click on this link, etc.

From the posts, it was identified that leaving a question by the end of the post also increased the post engagement. For example, asking users ‘what do you think about this?’, or ‘Do you recommend it?’. It really helped in getting more comments.

Also, simple posts that are not written in very hard English, have proper grammar and makes sense also got a lot of engagement and performed really well on the internet.

So, if you are planning to get some attention on Facebook, try to post simple posts, ask a question (if relevant) and make sure your post has a narrative. Basic tips for better post engagement.

Funny is the King

Humorous content on the internet gets the most attention, you can calculate it by the engagement on memes only.

From the research, it was identified that posting funny posts grab a lot of attention from the users. That does not mean that you will not get any likes or comments if you are not funny!

If you are posting something on the internet, make sure to reply to comments to keep the flow. Keep posting your content and hope it does well on the internet.

Nonetheless, posting content is not enough – your number of friends, your social circle, your popularity outside Facebook, etc. also play a role in this regard. If you are lacking any one of them, then you might not get the type of attention you want on social media.

You can also use these tips on Twitter and Instagram. After all, popularity matters equally on all social media platform.

And lastly, if nothing works for you, "pay to play" can be your sure-fire way to get some extra engagement on your posts. Although not everyone can afford to spend hefty amount of money on Social media ads but it's one of the best way for brands and small businesses to reach their target audiences.

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