LinkedIn revamps its LinkedIn Editorial and rebrands it as LinkedIn News

Back in March 2020, senior Vice President of LinkedIn, Ryan Roslansky had announced that some steps were being taken in regard to the LinkedIn’s professional editorial team, to help the members amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As an extended part of the Project Otis that began two years ago and that involved the revamping of LinkedIn’s logo, user interface, colors, typography, and shapes; LinkedIn has now announced that it is going to make the changes that Ryan Roslansky had mentioned earlier this year.

LinkedIn is renaming and relaunching its Editorial as LinkedIn News now after going through some changes in the visual consistency as well.

Since the time that LinkedIn started its Editorial some eight years ago, it has seen remarkable growth, with a team of 76 editors in 15 countries. This team’s other news venture called the Daily Rundown has also seen impeccable growth with more than 46 million subscribers in 96 countries, with translations in nine languages.

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, there has been a more than 158% exponential growth in the LinkedIn Live streams. These episodes of Live streams also include Business Unusual, which works on highlighting the stories of professionals dealing with the challenges of this pandemic and its implications on all the walks of life.

So, with so much going on with news and information in the Editorial department, LinkedIn decided to give their Editorial team a better identity, in recognition to their services, as this team is dedicated to creating original content and helps the growth of members, influencers and publishers across the platform.

Therefore, a rebranding and relaunching with better and more focused goals for this Editorial team had become imminent. The purpose of bringing this change was also to reinforce and let the world realize to the full extent that this is a team of highly professional, real editors, who are working day and night to bring authentic news and updated information.

The reason for renaming was that LinkedIn felt that the name “Editorial” did not go well as far as identifying the team’s efforts and content was concerned. LinkedIn News sounds more apt because it further reinforces the team’s main goal, which is the provision of fact-based news around the world.

However, due to some issues with the rough translation, China has decided to rename LinkedIn Editorial as LinkedIn Info, as it suits them better.

This rebranded version is made more visually consistent as well, with a brand-new color palette that leans towards warm greys, complemented blue and conversational orange.

The Community custom typeface is the same but has a slightly bolder iteration. This gives a much better and distinctive appearance to LinkedIn News.

To showcase the team’s significant work, there are some customized elements too that will bring out the good content all in one place collectively.

Photo: Shutterstock / wichayada suwanachun

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