Viewing and replying to Instagram Stories directly through the Facebook app may become possible soon

Facebook is working on a way to make viewing and replying to Instagram Stories directly through the Facebook app.

This news has surfaced through a tweet by Jane Manchun Wong, a famous Android reverse engineer who unearths various tools and features in different apps before their companies announce them or roll them out.

According to Jane’s tweet, viewing and replying to Instagram Stories through Instagram’s linked username on the Facebook app may become possible soon, as the social media giant is currently working on this feature.

After Jane’s tweet, there have been a lot of opinions coming from various users about this feature. Some of them believe that it is a much-needed feature and it is going to be really feasible to work on Instagram Stories directly through the Facebook app, probably these are the people who manage a lot of accounts simultaneously. While some users are raising their concerns and are questioning Facebook’s motive for doing so? Many people also believe that perhaps in the future, Facebook will completely merge with Instagram and become ‘Facegram!’

Some people think that this merger is imminent and it looks like Facebook is ‘shoving’ people towards Instagram, to make it more popular and indispensable for users all over the world.

Whereas some social media users are of the opinion that Instagram itself is so popular already, and many previous Facebook users have now shifted to Instagram, so maybe Facebook is looking for ways to keep itself latching to Instagram and make people realize that ‘there is not one without the other!’

So, currently, there are a lot of different talks going about it by different people having different mental approaches. But how functional this feature is going to be, or how it affects the game for Facebook and Instagram both; that can only be judged once and if it rolls out.

Till then, there are just speculations and good hopes!

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