Uber Announced That Drivers And Riders Will Have To Wear Face Masks, And The Company Will Use AI To Impose The New Law

Uber announced on Wednesday that from 18th May, the company will require everyone to wear face masks. The company is imposing these new rules to fight the spread of coronavirus among the masses as individuals have started to return to work.

The company also stated that they are providing $50 million for drivers registered with Uber. The amount will be given to drivers to buy essential supplies such as face masks, disinfectants, and hand sanitizer. Drivers will use these essential supplies in their cars, and will also offer these supplies to riders, the company stated.

During a press conference, Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO Uber stated that everyone should take necessary precautions to protect themselves from the virus. He said that taking proper precautions will protect everyone including the drivers and the next passengers getting in the vehicle from catching the coronavirus. According to Dara Khosrowshahi, it is not only about protecting yourself from the virus, but also protecting everyone around you, so that we will be able to stop the virus from spreading.

The company will impose the new rules from the coming Monday, and drivers working in most of the countries around the world will have to wear face masks. You might be wondering how the company will monitor whether the drivers are wearing face masks or not. Sachin Kansal, the company’s senior director of product management answered this question. He told the reporters that the company will require the drivers to prove they are wearing a face mask. The drivers can prove they are wearing a face mask by uploading a photo of them wearing a face mask via the Uber app before signing in to their accounts.

Kansal said that although self-certification is good, sometimes it is essential to verify. Issuing guidelines and requirements is one for the company, he stated, but enforcing the company’s requirements is sometimes necessary for them.

The company will also require the drivers to self-certify other measures such as sanitizing their cars, washing their hands regularly, and not driving the car if a driver is sick. These measures are similar to that of ‘Lyft’ announced during this month. However, Lyft did not specify when the policies will be enforced by the company.

Kansal stated that Uber has designed the new policies in a flexible way so that the company will be able to implement them as needed based on the region and severity of the outbreak of the virus.

Drivers can cancel the trip as well as report the passenger if they refuse to wear a face mask. Drivers as well as riders can leave comments while rating a fellow user. Kansal stated that if any rider or driver is found repeatedly violating the new policies, the company may also remove them from the platform.

The company is also making some changes for Uber Eats such as reminders to maintain distance while being in restaurants. Kansal concluded that the company is not encouraging the masses to go outside of their houses, but if they go, the company wants to be ready for people.

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