Facebook is rolling out Avatars Shortcut for more users

Facebook can’t stop surprising us! Even when a pandemic is running rampant all across the world, the king of social media is doing everything in its power to make sure that its users are enjoying their quarantine time. The recent change in Facebook for iOS is yet another example of how the social networking platform never stops experimenting with new features and settings.

Recently, renowned social media consultant Matt Navarra tweeted that Facebook has rolled out an “Avatars” shortcut on its iOS app. He even attached a screenshot to his tweet that shows the “Avatars” option resting between the “Ads Manager” and “Crisis Response” options.

In case you are unaware, Avatars were recently launched in the Australia, Europe and US. Inspired by Snapchat’s Bitmoji, an Avatar is basically your digital representation on Facebook, one which you can customize in order to make it completely resemble yourself. Facebook even allows you to adjust the hairstyle, outfits, and complexions of your Avatar. Moreover, you can use it in chats, comments, and Stories for now.

With the shortcut in question now available for iOS, it will be easier for you to access and create/update your Avatar.

It looks like the Avatars shortcut is being rolled out slowly since not all iOS users seem to have it currently. However, it will be available soon and you are recommended to keep your Facebook app updated to its latest version.

Conversations on Facebook are about to become a lot more interesting now.

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