New IBM Study Reveals More People Prefer Working from Home Now

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic that has pretty much taken over the entire world, going to an actual office and getting work done is simply out of the question and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that we have to observe social and physical distancing from one another due to the reason that failing to do so could result in the Covid-19 spreading much faster than it already is.

Hence, most people are working from home for the time being, and IBM conducted a study to see how this changed work schedule was impacting the way people wanted to continue working in the future. It turns out that working from home is actually working out quite well for a lot of people, and the reason behind this is that 54% of adults would like to continue working from home even after the crisis has passed.

This reveals that people prefer not to have to go to an office, and there could be a lot of reasons behind why this is the case. For one thing, you can sleep in a little bit because of the fact that you wouldn’t have to factor in half an hour or more for commuting, something that gives you a little more time in your day. Another factor is that commuting can cost money which you would be saving, as well as the fact that it is a stressful experience all in all. Furthermore, working in an office means that you would have to dress up in the morning which requires even more time, people working from home can wear whatever they want which can be a pretty attractive thing to look forward to.

It’s not just employees that can benefit from this as well. Employees that come to an office cost money for a corporation to manage, and more people working from home could mean that companies can save more money whilst getting an adequate amount of work done. This trend might change the way jobs work in the years to come.

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