Twitter is planning to roll out a new retweets counter and a separate tab for Android devices

According to Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse engineer who discovers and reports experimental features in various applications, Twitter is testing something new and profoundly interesting.

It seems that in the future, users will be able to get a counter that will not only show the number of retweets to one of their tweets, but the number of comments will also be shown and possibly relevant comments.

This counter is separate from the current retweets counter, but it will be there underneath your post just like the current one.

Having both counters, the current one, and the new one does not make much sense at the moment. So, how it will play out and how Twitter sets them in working is something that can be judged only once and if it rolls out eventually.

Apart from this, Wong also reports that Twitter is testing on implementing a retweets tab page for Androids.

Retweets tabbed page will list and organize systematically all the retweets with comments and retweets without comments. This will help you understand the importance and relevance of each retweet and whom you should respond to promptly.

This feature sounds promising. It will not only provide a schematic view of your tweet, retweets-to-your-tweet, and comments, but it will also make interaction with people who retweet to your tweet easier.

The thing is, that we will have to wait to see its complete implications, and that can happen only when Twitter launches this feature.

There are many times when Twitter experiments with something, but later it does not roll out as per plans.

Right now, Twitter seems to be experimenting a lot. Recently, there was a report that Twitter is working on a warning message, which will prompt the tweeter to halt and re-think or re-phrase their text before hitting the post button. This warning is going to appear only in tweets that contain harmful language or hate content.

This feature is coming up in hopes to maintain a civilized decorum in the platform and to avoid as much Twitter wars as possible.

Now with these new retweets counter and tab page features in experiments too, it is quite evident that Twitter is striving hard to improve its platform, so that users get a great and smooth experience. Especially in these distressing times, when people are mentally exhausted with the damaging repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic. Twitter’s small efforts to provide ease to its users are certainly commendable.

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