Twitter issues warning to shut the site’s legacy theme once and for all in June 2020

It seems that Twitter has had it enough! The company is shutting down its original site legacy theme version on the 1st of June 2020, as reported by BleepingComputer.

Twitter has issued a warning to all the users who have been using user-agent switching hacks and unsupported browsers to enable the legacy theme.

The message was loud and clear. No one can dupe Twitter anymore! They have clearly stated the date of the shutdown, as well as warned the users to switch to a supported browser like Firefox, Edge, Safari and Google Chrome, and to disable the extensions that mask the browsers.

Now, this sounds pretty serious. The clash between users and Twitter began in July 2019, when out of nowhere, Twitter released a new site interface, replacing the original site legacy template.

Initially, users hated it, and what irked them more was that there was no way to get the old theme back. It seemed forceful on the part of Twitter, and users did not take it well.

So, they came up with their own hack to keep using the old interface.

By changing the user-agent in the browser, it was not very difficult to trick the website into displaying what the people wanted. By quickly installing a User-agent switching extension, people found a way to dupe Twitter into thinking that they were running Internet Explorer 11, which was not supported by Twitter, and therefore, it let Twitter show them the legacy interface that they preferred.

However, much to the disappointment of these ardent fans of the old site theme, Twitter has now put its foot down (not literally!) and has issued fair warning plus an ultimatum and a deadline too.

Looks like it will shove down the new theme regardless of whether the users like it or not.

To be honest, Twitter has every right to bring any changes to the site, because after all, their company, their rules. But in times of a crisis, when people are already panicked and going through various phases of depression, anxiety and agitation due to the uncertainty and gloom of the coronavirus pandemic, maybe the timing to further aggravate them by taking their favorite theme is not so good!

Twitter could have waited for a little longer, if possible, without hurting the sentiment of its users over such a petty issue.

Because really, this is nothing too major in comparison to the life and death related problems the world is already going through. This dispute between Twitter and its users over a site theme seems small in the face of what we all are already stuck in. Because coronavirus pandemic is not going anywhere soon. The entire world is panicking as the economy has crumbled and no one knows what is next to come.

So, maybe, a giant tech app like Twitter could have taken it slowly and swallowed the bitter pill a little longer, to avoid generating negative sentiments among its users.

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