Edit your video clips to perfection with TikTok's new features: Pinning Stickers and Adjust Clips

Video shooting is a complex process, and many people have a hard time to achieve complete satisfaction after shooting a video. There is always “Oh, I could have tweaked this in the middle frame” or “this does not convey the message right, so I have to re-shoot” type of dilemmas going through a video creator’s mind.

However, the famous video-sharing and social networking application, TikTok has come up with a brilliant solution to this predicament of the video-makers. They have included a feature called “Adjust Clips” in the latest updates of the app.

If a user shoots a video in multiple frames, and two of the frames are great but one is off, so instead of deleting all the frames and go through the hassle of re-shooting, this new feature Adjust Clips can come in handy.

By tapping on the Adjust Clips option, the user can not only re-shoot that particular segment, but it will also enable him or her to shuffle the sequence of the segments or splice a clip as per the user’s wish.

Users can remix and take a lot of actions with this feature, which can polish their videos and make them flawless, while also ensuring a smooth, savvy, and less time-consuming experience.

This feature is particularly useful for all video-creators but it is especially good for those who use these videos for brand endorsements and other professional purposes.

In April, it was reported that TikTok was testing a feature that could give special video editing options, and now, it is available in the form of Adjust Clips.

TikTok has also introduced Pinning Stickers feature that "allows users to pin stickers and emojis to objects in their videos and track them as they move around a scene". Here's how it looks:

TikTok has seen mass popularity since its launch three years ago, but during the current coronavirus pandemic situation, its usage has seen a dramatic rise amongst old and new users.

This app lets people make musical, lip-synced, or dance-related videos, and many times people use this app to send an important message across. Some users even use TikTok to create awareness amongst people through their videos. With options like “React” and “Duet,” people can film their reactions to videos and can collaborate with other videos too at the same time.

After creating a video, users can share it on their social media platforms and let everyone know about their thoughts or entertain them with their “moves and grooves!” This kind of activity is quite useful in these distressing times of the pandemic.

Every new day has become a challenge. People are home-bound, and the state of uncertainty adds a lot to the already grim environment. People are getting more anxious with each passing day, and fun apps like TikTok have become a necessity for many people to divert their minds from their worries and give their creative sides a small nudge.

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