TikTok Rolls Out Youth Portal, A Single Destination For Teens And Parents For Safety Resources

This week, TikTok, a popular video-sharing app, released a new ‘Youth Portal’. The Youth Portal provides teens and their parents an individual destination for privacy and safety resources, and best practices. It will also be a guide to TikTok’s tools used for creating videos.

TikTok plans to gradually release the new Youth Portal across the globe, and the portal will be available in more than 15 different languages such as Thai, Russian, Italian, Korean, German, English, Japanese, Hindi, Portuguese, and French. TikTok plans to add extra educational resources into the portal in upcoming months.

TikTok also released the ‘Family Pairing’ feature last month. The feature allows the parents to link their TikTok accounts with their children’s TikTok accounts. Parents can determine how much time their child is spending on the TikTok app per day with the help of the Family Pairing feature, and the feature also enables them to control what type of content their child can view, and who they can have a conversation within the DM.

Youth Portal’s Internet Security section provides you information on how to create a strong and secure password, how often a user should change the password, what things a user should keep private, and how a user can detect suspicious behavior.

You will also find a Personal Privacy section in the portal where you can change the privacy setting to define your public presence on the platform. The privacy settings include controls for blocking users, enabling family pairing, and controlling DMs and comments.

Lastly, there is a Community Best Practices section in the portal providing you tips on how to be kind and stay positive on the platform. John Clark CEO and president NCMEC stated that TikTok they are proud that the platform is feature is featuring NCMEC resources in the portal, and said that the launch of this portal shows that child protection is a priority for TikTok.

Leslie Boggs, president National PTA stated TikTok is helping children stay secure online. He added that the new portal will allow families to find and use different safety resources, tools, and settings easily.

Stephen Balkam, CEO Family Online Safety Institute added that it was important to introduce a Youth Portal given the increased time youth is spending on social platforms during the lockdowns.

Lastly, Larry Magid, CEO ConnectSafely is pleased to see the addition of Youth Portal as according to him, safety and privacy features are of no use if people don’t know how to use them.

Photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images

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