3 Important SEO Trends in 2020 that Companies Should Implement Right Away

Not all SEO trends are worth jumping on-board with. Some are fads that pass in the night. However, when looked at with a critical eye, it’s possible to spot the ones that make sense to implement. Here are three important SEO trends that companies shouldn’t delay putting effort behind in 2020.

The Push for Quality Content

As search engines begin to understand what is quality content and what’s fluff, it becomes necessary to provide higher quality content for visitors to enjoy.

Mixing it up with informative articles, including a little research to produce charts or a relevant video clip, adds greater depth. Going back and rewriting older content that still receives valuable traffic but doesn’t reflect the quality or views that the company wishes to reflect is a popular option too.

Similarly, an increase in social activity for impressive content is noticed and appreciated by search engines. They often follow the social activity with an upgrade in ranking position for relevant terms. Effective content is usually widely shared, especially when social influences see it and choose to share it with their followers.

A detailed plan for content marketing needs to be drawn up to succeed at it. Doing it haphazardly leads to spotty results. Therefore, consult with a media organization like the Guerrilla Agency to see what they would suggest.

You Cannot E.A.T. It, But Reputation Is Critical

Every website is now reviewed based on its E.A.T. (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) rating.

This looks at what expertise they may have in their respective field, whether they lend authority (or lack thereof) and if their opinion should be trusted.

One of the consequences of the implementation of E.A.T. ratings by Google is that industry veterans have a better chance of their voice being heard. For instance, a media agency can get heard when talking about managing social media campaigns. Similarly, investment companies offering mutual funds have seen their company blogs suddenly lead in the rankings because it’s expected that they’re speaking from a point of authority, experience, and deep knowledge; personal finance bloggers, beware.

Companies must pay greater attention to how they manage their online reputation. Also, appearing authoritative is important rather than assuming this is already understood.

Getting More Bang for Your Buck

In traffic circles, this means achieving a higher conversion rate from the same traffic.

In times when traffic is on the decline due to difficult economic conditions or a yearly seasonal decline, marketing aggressively doesn’t always deliver better results. However, conversion rate optimization (CRO) delivers better results from the same (or lower) traffic very well.

Similar to the trend to revisit old content to refresh it, completely rewrite or remove it entirely from the website. Doing more with what you already have is a more effective strategy this year. It appeals to the efficiency experts who think they can improve on the web design and alter the shopping cart transactional flow to lose fewer customers before they complete the transaction.

By picking and choosing between trends, it’s possible to steal a march on your peers. However, to do so, companies must be highly selective to avoid chasing down rabbit holes that lead to dead ends.

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