This AI Meme Generator Is Making More Hilarious Memes Than Humans

If you don’t know by now then Imgflip meme generator is that one software that has been the main tool behind all the memorable memes which you have been loving on the internet for years.

To create any meme through it, users were supposed to bring in their creativity only while the software offered the images and effects to give the best final touch to the millennial jokes.

However, more recently, this AI meme generator has gone one step further which basically means that the software no longer needs the human brain and hence it can also create memes better than any person out there.

The site This Meme Does Not Exist basically matches its caption with a range of already generated meme formats and the result can be seen in this typical example that involves COVID-19.

The captions, on the other hand, get generated all with the help of machine learning platforms like Tensorflow and Keras that already have more than 100 million public meme captions fed into the system - which were of course posted by Imgflip users once. There are almost 48 popular meme formats which have been used to create memes that will surprise you.

Furthermore the creator of this AI meme generator, Dylan Wenlau also explained that he relied on character level generation rather than going for word-level, all because memes of today tend to depend on using grammar and spellings more sharply.

Below are a few of the mems generated from the similar software. Going through them, you will realize they are so relevant that it’s really hard to believe that a machine made it.

You can also try out the same magic here.

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