Facebook reopens its moderation centers as abusive content seeps on its social network

Due to the intense lockdown situation in the world, Facebook had to shut down its moderation centers in March 2020. But some offices still had to remain open for the employees that could not afford to work remotely due to the sensitive nature of their job.

Unfortunately, many content reviewers had to be sent home, which caused a serious lapse in the content reviewing of posts and ads. Facebook and other tech giants have been trying their level best to bust all the mythical, falsified information, and to curb all the propaganda against COVID-19 and to a large extent, they were successful too. But once the content reviewing system got hampered due to the lockdowns and safety of the office-attending employees, a very alarming situation surfaced.

Many surveys and reports had suggested that usage of the internet had increased all over the globe, which is understandable as well as it was predictable. However, BBC has reported that the type of content that has been surfacing in the last month only, does not include mythical and misinforming remedies for COVID-19 alone, but also includes gruesome material related to child pornography!

Now that is an extremely unexpected aspect, keeping in mind that there are so many deaths happening globally and the virus has affected millions of people all over the world. Normal people are getting agitated with each passing day and the uncertainty and grimness of the situation have skyrocketed anxiety amongst people.

But then there is a huge amount of people who are still unaffected by the crucial phase the world is in. It seems that they are least concerned about everything, and these are the people who are searching up the internet for child abuse videos.

Therefore, Facebook has to take this hard decision, compromise the safety of its employees, so that content reviewing system gets back to its feet and starts filtering out and blocking away all the misinforming ads, posts, and any content related to child pornography.

Earlier, when Facebook closed its content review centers, the responsibility of moderating child abuse material was transferred to full-time employees. But that was not the main job of those people who had stepped forward to help voluntarily. A small number of content reviewers were working from home but the latest rise in worrisome content on Facebook clearly shows that these steps are not enough.

Therefore, some review centers are going to reopen, and some contentmoderators will come back to offices, albeit voluntarily at the moment.

Facebook has ensured that proper safety protocol will be followed with the checking of temperatures through thermal indicators, by reducing the building capacity and giving them full access to protective equipment.

It is sad to know that humanity has not ceased to steep low even during such trying times. Its disappointing, and shameful, and now many reviewers will be risking their lives just to stop or control these humans!

Photo: Soeren Stache/Getty Images

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