WhatsApp Might Be Accessible on Multiple Devices Simultaneously Soon

In spite of the fact that WhatsApp is the single most popular messaging app in the world, a lot of people would argue that it is not actually the best and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that there are a lot of other messaging apps out there such as Telegram which have features that WhatsApp simply does not offer such as the ability to use the messaging service on multiple platforms all at the same time.

This is a feature that people have wanted for quite some time now but the fact of the matter is that WhatsApp has simply not delivered in spite of the fact that it has been hinting that there are a lot of other things that are in the works and that multi device functionality was on the cards as well.

Users got something in the shape of WhatsApp for Web, but the truth of the situation is that this was just a mirror image of your phone’s WhatsApp and it could pretty much only be used if your phone has an active connection and even then there would be moments where your messages might not send on WhatsApp Web and it is overall a little too glitchy for a lot of people which has given competitors and smaller messaging apps the chance to get a lot more out of the kind of messaging you were trying to do.

A new feature that was noticed by WABetaInfo in the latest WhatsApp beta version that is currently being tested out seems to indicate that you might soon be able to use WhatsApp on other devices and that this will not be connected to the connectivity of your phone, something that could really improve the chances that people might just want to end up using the platform in the first place.

While we don’t know when exactly this feature will be made widely available, the fact that it is being tested out does seem to indicate that a wide rollout might just end up happening sooner than you might think.

WhatsApp Might Be Accessible on Multiple Devices Simultaneously Soon

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