Google Updates Its Android Authenticator App For The First Time Since 2017, And The Update Allows Users To Transfer Account Between Devices

Google has updated its code-based authentication application known as ‘Google Authenticator’ for the first in three years. Google Authenticator has jumped from version 5.0 to 5.10 in the latest update. The company has updated the user interface of the Google Authenticator app to adjust it for bigger screens having more modern aspect ratios. This change will make it easy for the users to port their keys over to another device. The update also contains one of the most necessary functions of this platform. The Android Police was the first to discover the new update Google has made to its Authenticator app.

Google last updated the Android version of Google Authenticator on Aug 22, 2017, while the company updated the iOS version of this app last year. Google updated the iOS version of Google Authenticator to adjust it for iPhone X screens. Google Authenticator users had to go through a messy process to transfer their app’s credentials off to another device before the new update rolled out.

Google Authenticator now has the ability to transfer users’ accounts between devices quickly. So, Google Authenticator users will now be able to smoothly move their accounts from one device to another for the first time. Users will not have to manually shift each code on each account while transferring accounts between devices. The update has also eliminated the need to disable or re-enable 2FA (two-factor authentication) on each account during the process.

The new Google Authenticator app update introduces this function via an import/export feature. The import/export feature allows the Google Authenticator app users to decide between accounts to be included, and then transfer them between devices. You will be able to move the accounts with the help of a single QR code scan, which makes the process easier. Authy, the competing app to Google Authenticator app, has offered the same feature for quite some time. Although Google has introduced the feature years late, it is still bracing to see the update coming to Google Authenticator.

The new update also came with a change involving the layout of the Google Authenticator app to become adjustable to bigger screens. The Google Authenticator app now automatically adjusts for newer screens having aspect ratios of 16:9. The update has also added a dark mode which is adjustable for users with OLED screens or users without an OLED display.

The Google Authenticator apps’ user interface has now been changed in compliance with the company’s ‘Material Design 2 Standards.’ Currently, Google has rolled out the update for Android users. We are not yet sure whether the company will release the same update for iOS users or not. The iOS Authenticator app users should also get the upgrade, and we hope that the company will soon do the same for Apple users as well.

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