Microsoft Is Adding More Features Including Extension Sync and Sidebar Search To Its Chromium-based Edge

Most of the users wonder how Microsoft Edge went from restoration for the usually-mocked browser, Internet Explorer to the world’s second most significant and well-known desktop browser. That’s because Microsoft switched to Chromium, and currently, as part of the latest build 2020, Microsoft is adding several significant upgrades to Microsoft Edge such as sidebar search, extension sync, and some other features.

Microsoft published a blog post providing details of the new features for developers, ‘information workers.’ But, we can still say that the blog post is for just everyone. You may check out the complete blog post or video for a rundown of all the new features being added to Microsoft Edge. Here, we will discuss some of the most considerable new features and changes being included in the Microsoft Edge.

First of all, Microsoft Edge is including support for extension sync. If you are a person who owns more than one PCs that are running Microsoft Edge, you will be able to sync all your extensions as long as you have logged into the same Microsoft account on all of those PCs. This new feature might not be useful for everyone, but a lot of users needed this feature. The new extension sync option will be useful for a lot of users using more than one device and probably it will help Microsoft Edge grow more popular among users.

This new extension sync option is already rolled out for public use and you should see this functionality live in Microsoft Edge’s latest version. However, it is still unclear if the extension sync functionality will work with extensions that you have installed from the Chrome web store.

If you want to split work and personal things in your browser, Microsoft is adding a useful feature for you in Microsoft Edge. The new tool is called Automatic profile switching which will allow you to assign particular URLs to a specific work profile. When you will click that specific URL on your personal work profile, the URL will automatically open in the work one.

Microsoft is also upgrading the Edge’s Collections tool which will surely make a lot of users very happy. The Collections tool now integrates with Pinterest to help users search for new ideas to spark motivation. It will also help you to save time as well as the feature will be more productive by recommending you the content relevant to the content you have already collected. There will also be an option for you to export your collections to Pinterest. You may also note that the Collections feature will be releasing a new ‘Sen to OneNote’ option.

The company is also working to make Progressive Web Apps operate a little better on Microsoft Edge. The Microsoft Edge now opens Progressive Web Apps in a standalone menu and it will also let Windows 10 users include apps to the taskbar and the Start Menu. Microsoft Edge’s sidebar comes with several helpful tools, but with the latest upgrade, the company is using the sidebar to make quick searches simple for users. You can right-click and search for a specific term in the sidebar by highlighting the text on your screen, and it can integrate with business search results for associations by using Azure.

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