LinkedIn Tests Poll Option For Posts, A New Presentation Mode For Hashtags, and A New Image Cropping Tool For Desktop Users

  • LinkedIn is working on a new poll option for posts and this new option would be useful for users across the platform in various ways.
  • The platform may soon release a hashtag ‘presentation mode’ which will display a full-screen feed of posts related to that specific hashtag.
  • LinkedIn is also working to improve the image editing tool available for desktop users to provide more editing options while posting images on the web.

Jane Manchun Wong, who reverse engineered back-end code of LinkedIn, reveals that the platform is working on poll options for posts. Wong shared an image delineating how these polls would be made available within the post composer options. While using these polls, you would add a question and up to 4 relevant answers to that question and set the poll duration, then post it like a regular LinkedIn update.

The option is not available to general public yet but you can always refer to the LinkedIn community help pages providing you a better idea of how to use these polls. The option will be made available to both, desktop and mobile users and the platform plans to add polls to groups also. Polls used to be available to LinkedIn groups till 2014 but it seems now the group admins will again use the polls feature to gather relevant feedback from their group members. The polls option will also be useful for brands to better interact with their customers and for individuals to post queries related to their interests.

Wong also stated that LinkedIn is testing hashtag ‘presentation mode’. You will use the new option from the desktop for a specific hashtag by tapping on the ‘Enter full-screen presentation mode’ option which will display you a range of posts relevant to that specific hashtag in full-screen view.

The hashtag presentation dashboard will be useful for tracking a specific conversation and trending discussions but the primary use of this option seems to be for an event. It will help the users to engage their followers with a specific hashtag during an event and it will make the event tool made recently available to all users more of a focus.

Lastly, Wong revealed that LinkedIn is also developing a new image cropping tool. The LinkedIn mobile app comes with a range of image editing tools while desktop users can only add alt-text to an image. With this tool, users will be able to better customize their visual posts before posting them on the platform. These features may not seem to be game-changing but will surely be helpful for many marketers across the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn has not yet announced that when these features will be available for public use but they look pretty developed which means that the users will have access to these features pretty soon.

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