Instagram is Working on Shops From Facebook to Promote Cross Platform E-Commerce and Shop Promotion

A big part of Facebook’s strategy as a company moving into the future involves an increased emphasis on things like eCommerce since this is a sector that most if not all tech companies are trying to move into at this current point in time because of the fact that there is a lot of money to be made in it. Facebook has been offering a marketplace of sorts where small businesses as well as large ones that have big name brands can offer their wares to potential customers all in all.

Instagram has also offered similar opportunities for businesses but as of yet there has not really been all that much cross platform promotion in any big way, shape or form. However, according to Jane Manchun Wong a new Instagram feature is being tested that is being referred to as Shops From Facebook, and this feature is going to promote a lot of products that are going to make it so that a lot of businesses can end up selling more because of the fact that they would be able to look into a wider variety of opportunities in this regard.
"See Curated collections and new releases from brands you love. We personalize what you see in Shops and other Facebook Products. This means we'll connect your activity, including from Shops, across our products to make recommendations and suggest ads and other sponsored content.", reads a screenshot of Instagram's new feature shared by Wong.
This is an important step in this strategy that these social media platforms have been implementing, and it is also the most obvious cross platform promotional effort that has ever been carried out. Facebook has switched gears quite a bit in this regard. Whereas the social media giant was initially rather low key with its subsidiaries, operating them somewhat independently and making it so that they did not have any obvious branding on them, but this has changed in recent years with Facebook stamping its signature on a lot of new features and making it quite obvious that these subsidiaries belong to it with this new update being a big example of that.

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